Special Offers

Welcome to Tasmania, after all the lockdowns and depressing news about Covid, here you will find some good news and we hope an offer from us to kick start your travels and provide you with the opportunity to explore our beautiful state with Outdoor Tasmania at a not to be repeated price.
IMPORTANT: These are limited time offers and only apply to advance bookings from now to Sunday 31st October 2021

If your looking for a complete holiday experience later this year and into 2022 then consider one of our 12 Day, all inclusive, Walking Holidays with a generous 15% discount – see below for details:

This offer applies to the following walking holidays. Each walk has a code. Taste of the East codes: TOE1: TOE2: TOE3 or Taste of the West codes TOW1 and TOW2
Conditions of Booking to benefit from the Offer: Book and pay as a group of four adults or more between now and the 1st November 2021 and get 15% off of the total cost (please note there is a small 1.8% surcharge for Credit Card Payments, but payment by direct credit to our account is cost free)
example: Taste of the West Walking Holiday (TOW1) 4 @ $4950 = $19800 less 15% = $16830 (only $3960)

Walking Holidays
When you complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page that gives full details of the Walking Holiday, please put the CODE; “WHSP” we will then apply this to your chosen holiday (providing it is for 6 adults booking at the same time)

Booking Conditions:
We know that everyone is nervous at the present time and that making an outlay on a holiday is a serious financial undertaking. We all need some reassurance about what happens should you or we have to cancel a booking due to Covid 19. Please read our COVID BOOKING GUARANTEE below carefully. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us on +61 (0408 918249) or email paul@outdoortasmania.com.au


If you or we are forced to cancel a booking due to either your inability to travel to Tasmania due to Covid 19 or our ability to operate a holiday, tour or transport booking due to Tasmanian Government restrictions, we guarantee to make a full refund of any monies paid.

Please note, however, that should you cancel we will require official documentation demonstrating why you are unable to travel, for example letter, emails etc from Airlines or other transport operators with your name and address or something that identifies you.

Should we be forced to cancel we will also provide you with documentation that you are able to show your airline/transport/hotel operator who we feel sure will reimburse any monies you have paid. Alternatively, we will give you the option at booking at a future date and will still honour any special offer we have given under these circumstances.

Please also note that we reserve the right to change our itinerary at short notice if any place that we visit/eat/stay is affected by the Covid 19 virus in order to keep both you and our own staff safe. We would advise you of any change as soon as we are practically able to do so.

These are additional conditions of booking to our normal ones, which still apply if a booking/cancellation is made for any other reason.