All-Inclusive Bushwalking Package

Introducing our Five Star Premium Walking Package

This PREMIUM PACKAGE takes the hassle out of everything – we’ll make sure you have the right gear and know how to use it.

We’ll also make sure you are looked after too so you can be more relaxed and truly enjoy walking Tasmania’s great walks.

Our Five Star Premium Walking Package Includes:

  • All your protective (waterproof/windproof) clothing.
  • A full ration (food pack) for each complete day of your walk.
  • All essential camping equipment.
  • A water bottle that purifies your drinking water.
  • A fuel stove.
  • Cooking Utensils Eating utensils and drinking cup.
  • A rucksack
  • A waterproof pack-cover
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Map(s)
  • Track notes in your language.
  • Luggage storage whilst you’re walking


  • Pick up from the Airport (if applicable) and take to your accommodation in Launceston.
  • Transport to your walking destination
  • Transport from the end of your walk to your accommodation or the airport


  • A thorough familiarisation with your equipment.
  • Instructions on using your cooking stove.
  • Instruction on the correct way to pack your rucksack
  • How to thoroughly waterproof your spare clothing and sleeping bag
  • Foot care (how to prevent blisters)
  • Essential bush hygiene to protect you and the wilderness!
  • General safety during your walk.

General Administrative Assistance

Assistance and obtaining a suitable National Park pass. Assistance and purchase of a walking pass (if undertaking the overland track).

Induction Walk

Practical assistance and interpretation whilst accompanying you on the first half day of your walk (we walk with you for up to two hours) – a great time to ask questions and learn a little more about the environment you are walking in.

Why choose our 5 star Premium Transport & Support Package?

Over the past five years I have often been asked by overseas visitors to Tasmania why do I not run practical orientation programs for people who are unfamiliar with the Tasmanian bush. Even those that take the plunge and decide to walk well marked trails like the Overland Track are still slightly nervous about there own capabilities to undertake this walk. This feeling of trepidation is compounded if you are bringing your family as you then also have a responsibility and a duty of care for those loved ones in your care. These are normal well-founded fears, but with good planning and research and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you can go and do some practice walks and get familiar with your camping equipment, many of these initial fears melt away as you become at ease with your environment.

The reality for many is quite different, if you come from a large city and lead a very busy work life where there is little chance to do a “dummy-run” then blending some basic training, familiarisation with equipment and get first hand professional advice can add another dimension to your holiday giving you more confidence and some new found skills to take away with from you time in Tasmania.

I recently embarked on my first hiking visits to China to go walking and had it not been for a good Chinese friend called Mike, himself an avid walker with good local knowledge, I would have lacked the confidence to undertake many of the walks that I did. I could not speak Chinese and had very little knowledge of what the Bush (remote) areas would be like and what possible natural dangers there might be – even though I had a background of extensive hiking, coupled with good skills of navigation and bushcraft – but I was still apprehensive.

Putting it very simplistically think of me as your good friend in Tasmania that has the local knowledge and skills and is extremely enthusiastic about Tasmania and ensuring that you get maximum enjoyment from your bushwalking holiday.

How does it all work?

It all starts with you telling us when you want to come, what you want to do and how long you intend to stay for. Your requirement might be quite straightforward such as walking the Overland Track or more complex and perhaps want advice on what sorts of walks are available – if you are not sure we will send you a questionnaire or have a discussion with you on the phone or even WeChat.

Day 1. Your arrival.

If you are arriving by air into LAUNCESTON we will arrange to meet and greet you at the Airport and take you to your pre-booked accommodation in town. We do not book this for you as there are far too many variables and this part is much easier for you to do on line. We will not undertake any instruction that day but will check sizing for any clothing that we will be supplying to you or your group. What we will do is suggest some interesting place to go in Launceston which will give you the opportunity to unwind and relax from what may have been a tiring journey.

Day 2. Orientation and Instructional Day

Today we will first issue and record all the equipment that we are supplying you with for your walking holiday. We will fully explain to you or your group the reasons why you have been supplied with various items – this is your opportunity to ask questions.

We may show you a video which will better explain the importance of these items.

You must understand that even if you are walking in summer, if this is in the high country, then weather can change from 25 degrees one day to 5 degrees the next with wind and rain – I have even encountered snow in January!!

We will now go through your equipment including erecting your tent, putting stove together and if necessary a cooking demonstration as well as making sure the rucksack we supply fits you correctly and do any necessary adjustments. We will also have a look at the various ways of thoroughly waterproofing your equipment and clothing, paying particular attention to sleeping bags – we want you to be snug and warm at night even if the weather had been really bad during the day with heavy rain*

We will provide you with your food packs and more importantly show you the best way to cook your main meal of the day. Some of this food will be freeze dried and we will show you a method of ensuring it is thoroughly re-hydrated (without long cooking periods).

We will explain and demonstrate the use of your Emergency equipment including EPIRB and dealing with some common emergency situations in a practical way using the equipment we have provided you with. We will demonstrate the best way of preventing blisters – (but part of this strategy starts back in you home state or country before you arrive in Tasmania – we will provide some additional information and suggestions about what you can do to prepare for your hiking holiday).

Finally, we help you correctly pack your rucksack and do any final adjustments.

Day 3. Depart for your walking venue.

Today we take you to the start of your walk, if this is the Overland Track, we will assist you at the National Park centre as you check in for your walk. We will undertake a final check of your gear, ensure you have enough water and give a final briefing prior to commencing the walk.

On the walk:

Today we walk with you for the fist 3 to 4 hours, this is an opportunity to help you fine tune any pack adjustments, provide you with interpretation of the first part of your walk and point out many of the things, including plants and wildlife you will see on your walk. We will eat lunch with you and then you are on your own but armed with a knowledge of the area and the confidence to tackle the walk with relative ease – but more importantly, relaxed, so that you can now concentrate on things like taking photographs and have a greater appreciation of your environment.

End of your Walk:

We meet you at the end of your walk with your fresh clothing and will take you to the nearest café/restaurant where you will provide a hearty lunch and a chance to recount your experience and share your experience with us. We encourage you to give us feedback, we need to know what things worked well and anything that did not. Prior to taking you to your destination in Tasmania, we will collect all the equipment and clothing you were issued with.


Based on two participants: $1700.00 each.
Based on four participants: $1500.00 each.
Based on six participants and over: $1450.00 each.

Please contact us to make an enquiry. As each group is unique we organise bookings on a personal basis.

Please note there will be some variation to this price up or down depending on variables such if you are not walking the Overland Track – then minus -$200.00 each. Additional transport costs may be applicable if travelling return distances to drop off and pick up of over 360 kilometres.

*Unfortunately, far too many people come to walk in the highlands of Tasmania without seriously considering the type of weather conditions that you can encounter even in mid-summer. Yes; Tasmania is part of Australia, but weather in Tasmania, particularly in the highland areas can be subject to extremes at any time of the year.

Adult bush walkers have died from exposure close to the base of Cradle Mountain in February (mid-summer) due to inadequate and unsuitable clothing. Please do not be persuaded by a friend that only walked in sneakers with no full “Shell Clothing” (windproof and waterproof) who told you “the weather was beautiful I did not need these items”. They were just lucky with the weather. These “lucky people” may one day perish on a similar walk due to inadequate clothing and equipment.