About the Walks

As a bushwalker and in my former role as an outdoor education teacher I have walked & conducted guided walks in many of Tasmania’s wilderness areas which, although very beautiful, due to their natural remoteness and often off formed tracks, require one to carry all one’s clothing, food & camping equipment.

These areas have their place and many companies that can take you to these places, however, one needs to be fit, reasonably strong and have both the desire and ability to carry what can be a fairly heavy pack. If this is what you want we can certainly recommend some other companies.

Our Walking Holidays

For the most part, in my experience, there are very many people both young and older who still want to experience remote and beautiful places with a taste of the wilderness but do not want to carry a heavy load or cope with unpredictable and sometimes severe weather in the highlands whilst camping. It is for you that our walks are designed.

For some years I have marvelled at the lofty hills & plains stretching seemingly into infinity in the midlands & have often poured over maps of some of Tasmania’s coastal regions where, be it not for the fact that nearly all these areas are on private land, I would so much like to explore. Upon further investigation and in meeting and talking with many land owners, I soon discovered that provided one asks permission and is prepared to take great care & respect their property, they are generally more than willing to share these hidden gems, be it remote sandy beaches, rolling hills, historic houses and more with other people. Far from selfishly locking them up, these hard working farming families highly value what they are custodians of and spend their own hard earned money on establishing conservation areas and protecting these areas from the unscrupulous who would only wish to despoil these place with rubbish and thoughtlessly sited camp sites. In some respects being private has given them a better level of protection and preservation than a National Park.

Location of Our Walks

For the many parts of our walks that we undertake on private land we do so not to exploit the owners but as much as possible to work in partnership with them utilising their knowledge of the land, local history, flora & fauna, as occasional “Guest Guides” for part of a walk and even in some cases utilising bed & breakfast facilities that some properties are able to offer. To visit these hidden places is indeed a privilege and due to this generosity these areas are where many of our walking tours will go.