Tour Availability 2024


All our tours are now available on any day of the week, subject to our current bookings to other destinations. You can check our current bookings and existing tours that you can join by checking our “Message Board” (please click )


Our “Message Board” was originally designed for the convenience of our bush walking friends who are looking for transport only, however, we are now using it for day tour bookings as well. The concept is quite straight forward, it gives our potential customers the opportunity to see if we already have a tour going on a date either on or near the day you want a day trip. Existing Day Tour bookings are shaded in pale green. It will tell you the date of travel, where the tour is going to, time of departure and the number of existing passengers. If the date and destination of the tour suits your needs, then we encourage you to book on this same tour. The more passengers we have on a tour the cheaper it is for everyone.


All our tours are subject to a minimum of 3 participants – however, if it is just yourself or yourself and a friend you can still make a tentative booking by paying a deposit. We will then add this date and the type of tour you want to our “Message Board” which will encourage others to book on the same tour.

If we still do not get enough passengers you are free to cancel without incurring a loss of deposit providing this is done a minimum of 24 hours before departure.


You cancel:

  • Over 21 days, full refund.
  • 14—21 days, full refund less administration fee of $20 per booking.
  • 7—14 days, full refund less administration fee of $10 per passenger.
  • 2-7 days, $50.00 per passenger will be charged
  • Less than 24 hours No Refund.

We cancel:
If due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to cancel any journey or tour, you will receive a full refund.

If we are unable to complete a journey due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, road conditions, closed roads due to bushfires and mechanical failure of one of our vehicles we will offer you a full refund or transfer your booking to another tour or departure date. If we have to cancel any tour, we will advise you a minimum of 24 hours prior to departure, providing you have provided us with a mobile phone number, email, WeChat or WhatsApp.

Limit of Liability
We regret that we accept no liability whatsoever for any delays of our service that cause you to miss another transport connection.
You are strongly recommended to take out travel insurance to cover this eventuality.