School & Educational Groups

Scope of this service

Our service is offered either on a ‘labour only’ (provision of instructor/s) basis for either a single activity or a range of activities or we can partially or wholly organise your outdoor educational programme, including suitable venue, accommodation, food and activities.

Our Outdoor Education Philosophy

Our service to young people is not about a once off ‘thrill’. The activities, whilst challenging & exciting are but a ‘vehicle’ to provide an opportunity for young people, regardless of academic ability, to explore their own potentials & feelings. Our activities and programmes are about effort and achievement, rather than entertainment. All activities are of a voluntary nature, we encourage, not compel. No young person fails, but should discover something about themselves.

We brief all our groups prior to an activity that they should encourage others and give constructive feedback rather than ‘put downs’ and teasing. Group support & encouragement is a powerful motivational force in helping individuals find inner strength to overcome what sometimes appear to be insurmountable challenges.

Fee Structure

Please contact us for a copy of our special fee schedule for education & youth organisations.

Instructional Safety and Supervision

We take safety, both physically and emotionally very seriously. We undertake regular risk assessments of all our activities and adhere rigidly to the standards and recommendations as set down by the Tasmanian Education Department and other recognised authorities. If we employ additional instructors/guides you can be assured that they have the necessary skills and experience and have been appropriately trained. Many of the activities are by there very nature potentially hazardous and in presenting such activities to young people we endeavour to encourage best practice techniques and do not encourage ‘thrill seeking’ methods or behaviours

Further Detailed Information

The information shown on this page is a guide only, we would prefer to talk directly to the school or college concerned. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your requirements.