COVID-19 Safety Information


At the present time we are accepting bookings going forward, however, due to an ever-changing situation with all borders as well as from New Zealand, if you are in doubt, we suggest you call us (or send an email) about the current situation. We have instigated special Covid Safe travel protocols including mandatory contact tracing in line with our obligations and State legislation. We have also decided to only carry fully vaccinated passengers as we have a responsibility to all our passengers and our drivers, the only exception will be where a client has a genuine medical reason for not being vaccinated. This requirement comes into force as from 1st October 2021. All our booking forms will reflect this change.

Special COVID-19 Cancellation Conditions:

Please be aware that if your travel or our ability to provide transport or tour was to be curtailed by a reason directly related to the Corona Virus that we will make full refunds or change your dates at no cost to you providing, if you cancel, we are sent documentary proof * of the reason for non-travel. If we must cancel (which would only happen as the result of a Tasmanian government directive) we will also provide a full refund. Coming to Tasmania is a big financial commitment and unfortunately most travel insurance will not cover corona virus related travel issues. *Acceptable proof would me a medical practitioner or official document from a government department.

PAUL GRIGG  September 2021.

Our Safety Policies

This is our policy regarding the transport of passengers in relation to safety due to Corona Virus. Our policy has been devised to protect everyone as far as we are able to do on a small bus. It will take effect immediately and stay in force until further notice.


When you make a booking with us you will be asked sign a written assurance that you have not had any contact, as far as you are aware, with anyone that either has the virus, is self-isolating pending results of a test. In addition you will need to send us a copy of your digital vaccination certificate. This is just a pdf document and is the easiest way to attach to an email. We realise that this certificate is sensitive personal information and as such we will delete both this certificate and your contact tracing information 28 days after you complete your travel, tour or holiday with us.

Seating Capacity of our Buses

Prior to the virus our bus maximum capacity was 13 passengers. It is now 12 allowing for a clear space next to the driver. As it is impossible to provide 1.5m spacing between you and another person on our bus please see the measures we have in place to protect all passengers as much as we are able to on a small bus.

Other measures we are taking:

  1. All passengers will need to apply hand sanitizer on entering our bus – we will provide this.
  2. All passengers (and the driver) will be required to wear a face mask. This is to benefit all travelers on the bus as if anyone in the confines of a small bus coughs or sneezes it affects all.
  3. No consumption of food or drink will be permitted on the bus.
  4. We will not travel more than one hour without stopping to allow all passengers to get off into fresh air, even though the stop might be for only 5 minutes.
  5. The air conditioning will always be fresh air entry, we will not use recirculated air.
  6. If you have elected to take up our “cash options” you can still do this by using a debit card as our driver will have a mobile EFTPOS facility. Please note credit cards attract a surcharge.
  7. We reserve the right to scan your temperature if you appear unwell.
  8. If you have any visible or audible signs of having a cold on the day of travel, we will not carry you and will be given a full refund of your fare.
  9. At the end of any journey, prior to picking up another group our bus will be thoroughly sanitized.