Bushwalker Transport Price List

Our Transport Standard Prices

Updated February 2024

This is a guide to our “standard prices” to destinations in Tasmania – our “cash rates” are cheaper than the prices below. We also offer special group rates for 8 passengers and over.

Our prices might seem expensive when compared with other “regular” transport companies, particularly those new on the block. 
These companies, however, do not have the same flexibility as us or 15 years’ experience of what our customers want and need.

Where there are numbers in ( ) see notes at bottom of list.
Ansons Bay
Arm River (due to road condition add $5.00 per person)
Bay of Fires
Cradle Mountain
Douglas Apsley
Freycinet Peninsula
Jacksons Creek Track
Lake Ada
Lake McKenzie
Lee’s Paddocks
Moses Creek Track (access Chapter Lake area)
Walls of Jerusalem Main Car Park (6)

Prices are based on the number of passengers on the bus and are in Australian Dollars. There is a minimum of 2 passengers. We also have “cash” only rates which are cheaper. Please contact us for more information. ALSO please check our “Special Offers” page for your transport to Cradle Mountain – you will find some unbeatable fares here on particular days of the week.

2 Passengers $175.00 each
3 Passengers $165.00
4 Passengers $145.00
5 Passengers $125.00
6+ Passengers $100.00

Devonport to Cradle Mountain
Add an additional $10.00 each to above prices (we need to drive to Devonport to pick you up)

Launceston to Higgs Track/Meander Falls Track
Deduct $5.00 each from above prices.

Lake St. Clair to Launceston OR Launceston to Lake St.Clair (2) – 174km
2 Passengers $185.00 each
3 Passengers $170.00
4 Passengers $145.00
5 Passengers $125.00
6+ Passengers $104.00

Lake St.Clair to Hobart (3) & (4) 180km
Minimum 3 passengers. (minimum charge $495)
3 Passengers $165.00 each
4 Passengers $145.00
5 Passengers $125.00
6+ Passengers $100.00

Launceston to Frenchman’s Cap: (1)
2 Passengers $195.00 each
3 Passengers $180.00
4 Passengers $160.00
5 Passengers $140.00
6+ Passengers $115.00

Launceston to Derby (Blue Tier)
Price range $130.00 (Two Pax.) – $75.00 each (6+ Pax)
{includes one bicycle in Bike Pack per passenger}.

Devonport to Derby (Blue Tier)
4 passengers (min) $130.00 each.
5 passengers           $115.00
6 passengers +        $109.00
{includes one bicycle in Bike Pack per passenger}.

Launceston to Tarkine Region (5)
Minimum 3 passengers.
3 Passengers $190.00 each
4 Passengers $170.00
5 Passengers $150.00
6+ Passengers $130.00

Launceston to Ben Lomond National Park:
2 pax. $70.00 each. 3 pax. $50.00 each. 4 pax. $40.00 each. 6+ $35.00 each

(1) Transport to Frenchman’s Cap can be cheaper by travelling on a date when we are picking up from LSC.
(2) If you travelled to the start of your walk with us and return to Launceston you will pay the same as your “inward” transport – see Launceston to Cradle Mountain prices.
(3) If you book your “inward” transport with us, your transport to Hobart will be discounted by 8%
(4) Special Note for post overland track passengers:
Lake St. Clair to Hobart. There is a general misconception that Lake St. Clair is closer to Hobart, this is in fact incorrect. (Hobart Airport is 193km, Launceston Airport is 163km) Although we are happy to take groups to Hobart, it is only really worthwhile for passengers if they plan to spend a day or two enjoying the sights and attractions that Hobart can offer, prior to flying home. However, booking transport to Hobart, just to fly out is a more expensive option than returning to Launceston. As we are Launceston based, firstly we can do this cheaper and secondly it is in fact some 30 km shorter & due to less traffic a faster journey.
(5) This is a return journey for us of between 500km & 570km – we will quote for larger groups. Price depends on drop off/pickup points.
(6) For transport to Walls of Jerusalem main car park only, please deduct $5.00 from listed price.

All the fares shown on our above can be paid by credit card, or direct deposit in advance or pay a deposit of $30.00 per passenger and the balance paid later. If you want to save money, please ask for our “special cash rates” which can be paid by direct credit at the time of booking or in cash at the time of pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. There are only two of us, we want to go to cradle mountain, but this is going to cost us $150.00 each, can you do it cheaper?

A. Yes, we probably can, firstly enquire about our ‘special rates for cash customers’, secondly check our “Message Board” to see if we are already going to your destination on the day you want to travel or close to your date. OR book anyway with a good chance of others booking on the same journey through our ‘Message Board’ service.


Our ‘Message Board’ service is our way of endeavouring to make your journey more affordable. Firstly, check to see if we already have a bus going to your destination on the day you wish to travel, failing this we suggest you make a firm booking ($30.00 per passenger deposit). Once you have booked for a particular date & destination we will publish this on the internet, via our ‘message board’ (also known as “scheduled departures”) that we have a confirmed bus movement to the destination you have chosen. Other clients can now see online when a bus movement will occur and how many passengers are already booked and thus are encouraged to also book on this date to save themselves money.

Note: Obviously we cannot guarantee to get extra passengers on a particular day, we therefore recommend that you check with us no later than 30 days prior to your journey. However, we often get extra passengers, sometimes as late as the day before your departure. If this is the case your fare will still be less.


To make your journey more affordable, we can also offer substantial discounts for cash payments on the day of departure, this also prevents the possibility of you over paying for your transport i.e.; if we have additional passengers travelling on your day of departure, your journey will now be cheaper than the originally quoted price. This, we feel is a win-win situation, we save on costly bank charges & you pay less for your transport. We will send you full details of this discount upon making an enquiry.


For educational groups, special interest groups and bushwalking clubs eight passengers and over we will give you a custom quote.


You can go direct to our booking form from this page, but we strongly urge you to complete our enquiry form, as you can then take advantage of our cash prices and special offers.

To make a booking now, please click here.