Cradle Mountain Day Tour

This tour is no longer available as a regular “day-tour” but can be booked as a “private charter” if you have a group of at least five people. If you are an individual or up to four people booking together, we suggest our new Cradle Mountain Budget Excursion. Click HERE for full details about this new option. If you are seeking a private charter tour, the information on this page is relevant to you, although it will be tailored to your group requirements.

Cradle Mountain needs little introduction as nearly everyone has heard of it and you would not be reading this if you did not want to visit this beautiful area of Tasmania. The pictures on this web site convey far more than any description that I can put into words. The only thing that is really missing in the pictures is you! However, I am going to include some useful information to ensure you get the very best from your visit, as for many it is a once in a lifetime experience and I want you to enjoy it and take away not only some really nice pictures but happy memories as well.

The day prior to your visit check the weather for the Cradle Mountain area, if you are not sure how, give us a call. Not only can we give you a guide to what weather is likely but also some friendly advice on what to wear in this alpine environment. If the weather is expected to be windy and cold, we will modify the tour to maximise your enjoyment, this might mean several shorter walks in a more sheltered area.

Having been to Cradle Mountain more times than I can remember, I have experienced all forms of weather from magnificent, bright clear sunny days with only a slight breeze to put ripples on the surface of Dove Lake, to Days that have some low wispy clouds and mist hovering around the mountain top with one minute sunshine and the next a shower of rain making the trees and alpine plants glisten when the sun appears again from behind a cloud. Cradle Mountain is a dynamic landscape, with many moods, an ever-changing landscape – this in my mind is what mountains and alpine regions are all about.


To get the best experience from your visit, you really cannot appreciate it fully without walking. If you are undertaking this “tour” as a private charter your guide will select the best walk or walks, that in his/her experience, are the best option, taking into consideration the nature of the group and the prevailing weather conditions on the day. If, however, you prefer to do your “own thing” then please take the advice of our guide as to what is achievable in the time available, ensuring you have adequate clothing and make sure you get back to the pre-arranged meeting place to catch the bus.

As this is an active tour and once, we arrive at Dove Lake, easy access to food and drink is not available. As we want you to maximise your time in this area we suggest you bring a picnic lunch that you can carry in your day pack together with something to drink of your choice. If it is just water this is provided free on our bus. Having your lunch with you gives you the flexibility to eat when you get hungry. What could be a better place to eat your lunch with your family or new found friends than a picnic on the tranquil shores of Dove Lake or for more energetic the magnificent mountain vista from Marions Lookout on a perfect sunny Cradle Mountain Day.


Water Falls and Swiftly Flowing crystal-clear mountain streams, Rain Forest Trees, Myrtle, Leatherwood, King Billy Pine, Celery Top Pine, Man Ferns, Mountain Pepper & Tasmania’s only native deciduous tree Fagus. In December, the Waratah will be in flower, PLUS many flowering plants & shrubs. Of the many animals that live there the ones that you are most likely to see are Wombats, Wallabies, and Echidna and if we are really lucky we might even spot a platypus in one of the lakes or streams that flow through the Cradle Valley.  

Of the many birds that frequent this area look out for that cheeky black crow called a Currawong who will delight in stealing your well earned lunch!   There are, of course many other, plants, animals, birds and reptiles too and your guide will do their best to satisfy your curiosity sharing their knowledge of this beautiful area.


  • Fully Guided
  • Pick-up from Hotels and Backpackers
  • Ashgrove Cheese Factory
  • Sheffield Murals and historic shop
  • Various lunch options
  • Choice of walks – Self Guide if you wish.
  • Optional additional activities available
  • Minimum Charter for this destination 8 hour, option for up to 12 hours.
  • Interpreter in your language

Your Guide: PAUL GRIGG (Owner Operator)

Suggested Departure Time: 7.30am

See “Private Charter” for group rates and how to book.