Advice On Winter Conditions


Please note that during the period 1st June to 30th September roads, particularly in highland areas are subject to extremes of weather, including frost, black ice & snow. In some cases, this may make the roads impassable and on some occasions, are closed by the police. Customers should note that whilst we will do our best to adhere to the times and dates you have specified; we cannot guarantee this. Customers should make due allowance for this eventuality when making airline bookings and if necessary take out travel insurance. Please see footnote at the bottom of this document.

In addition, as it is possible that you may be delayed during your walk due to bad weather, we recommend that you allow for a ‘bad weather day’ in your planning or plan to arrive the previous evening to the day you wish to be picked up.


1st June to 30th September.

As you can now walk the overland track in both directions once again in winter, we suggest that you consider walking South to North.  The reason for this is mainly due to picking you up after your walk. The most difficult place to get to during winter is Lake St. Clair as 70% of the route is in the highlands over 1000metre. If the roads are closed due to ice or snow, then the only alternative is a 240km detour via Bothwell to get to the West Coast Highway to Derwent Bridge. As we would have to do this in both directions this means an extra 480km which is time consuming, and the cost would need to be borne by the group. (an extra $190.00 split between the group). However, the route to Cradle Mountain is seldom Closed as only about 20% of the journey is in the highlands and with many hotels and guest houses to be serviced, the road is kept open. If you choose to do S to N then on the day of travel, although the journey will be slower, we will know if we can get there and you can make decisions on what you want to do, rather than be stuck at Lake St.Clair and our bus unable to pick you up.

Our Services

Due to the unpredictability of the weather at this time of the year, the likelihood of conditions that can close the roads to the highlands as well as making progress on foot within the National Parks either extremely slow or impossible, our service will operate on the following basis.

1. No guarantee can be given to take you to your outgoing destination or picking you up from your finishing location. If we are unable to travel to your outgoing destination on the date you have booked, we will make that journey as soon as safe conditions exist, or we will either offer you a complete refund or offer to take you to an alternative destination (in winter the East Coast, Freycinet, Bay of Fires, Douglas Apsley, Maria Island etc can be viable walking alternatives).

2. If you decide to book return transport with us, you will need to carry a Satellite phone or another device that works off of satellites and is capable of both sending and receiving messages , so that you can contact us if you are unavoidably delayed and we can contact you if we are unable, due to road conditions, get to your finishing destination. (We would initially send a text message to your device) You must contact us a minimum of 12 hours before we are due to pick you up if you think you will not be able to meet us at the pre-arranged time & day. Failure to do this would result in loss of your transport fee (fare) if we make a journey & you are not there.

 3. We strongly suggest that you allow an absolute minimum of 24 hours, preferably more, of extra time to reach your destination. We recommend planning to arrive at your destination the day before the time you have specified for a pickup. 

4. We do not travel in remote rural areas after dark. This is hazardous both to our drivers and to the animals on roads at this time of the day.

5. If travelling interstate by air or other booked means of transport we strongly recommend travel insurance due to unavoidable delays that cause you to miss your connections. We will not be held liable for missed connections due our inability to pick you up, or delays due to weather/road conditions or closures.

7. Departure & pickup times:


Due to the potential for icing on roads our earliest departure from Launceston is 0830 & our latest 1200 noon.


Departures from 0900 & latest 1200 noon.


Earliest pickup 1200 noon, Latest 1400


Due to additional wear & tear on our vehicle, longer drive times & use of chains etc there is a Special Winter Price list for all our services, except East Coast of Tasmania where we offer special budget rates to places such as Freycinet, Bay of Fires, Douglas Apsley, Maria Island etc. (ask for price lists)

Please also note, that should we have to divert via another route to take you to your destination due to closed roads or expected dangerous conditions, this may involve up to 120 km extra. If this was the case, we would need to add a surcharge to the journey due to the extra driver time & fuel. This would be based on $1.00 per km over and above the normal kilometre distance. i.e 100 extra km = $100.00 split between the number of passengers being carried.

Important Note – winter pickups at Lake St.Clair (If applicable)


If you have booked to be picked up from Lake St. Clair and we are unable to reach Lake St. Clair by the usual route across the central highlands due to closed roads you will be given the option of either waiting until these roads are passable or travel via  the southern link if it is open (i.e. bus travels south via the A10 to Hamilton & then follows the A110 & A5 via Bothwell to join the Midland Highway at Melton Mowbray & then back to Launceston) If you choose this option, this will incur an extra charge of $190.00 per group to cover extra driving time for our drivers, plus the additional fuel. (The total distance from LSC to Launceston, via the above route, is just over 300 km or 600 km for our drivers).

The drive time for this routing, even under good road conditions, would be 4.5 hours in each direction.

Important Note – winter pickups at Lake St.Clair (If applicable)


If you decide to travel to Hobart after your walk, we suggest you contact “Transport Tasmania” you will find this company listed under Tasmanian Wilderness Experience (Website). The operator of this service is Kevin Lempa Ph: 0477 480 383


Getting to Lake St.Clair and to Cradle Mountain in a vehicle during the winter months.

Almost 70% of the roads to Lake St.Clair are actually in the  highlands with elevations varying from 737 metres to over 1034 metres.  Whilst only about 20% of the journey to Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre is over 700 metres.

This also means that the cradle mountain road is seldom closed for a prolonged period whilst the roads in the Great Lake area can be closed for several days. If this happens you will be forced to wait at Lake St. Clair or travel to Hobart.