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Thank you for submitting your booking information.

If you have chosen to pay your deposit by direct credit to our account please send your remittance to:

Outdoor Tasmania BSB 067 020        Account Number 1004 8290

Please ensure you add a reference to the payment so that we know who it is from: e.g. your surname & date of service Gibbs07022021 (Surname – Gibbs, Date of service 7th Feb 2021)

IMPORTANT: This is just a confirmation that we have received your booking request, do not make any other bookings, airline etc. until we have double checked our availability and received your payment into our account. There might be a short delay. You can expedite this process by sending your transfer of funds receipt to us. We can then immediately process your booking request.

If you have any questions, please contact us on tel:+61408918249